Vehicle Trailer

With the new tipping vehicle transporter, you can transport your vehicle comfortably and safely. The trailer now offers the advantages of tilting vehicle trailers also in the compact class. You can mechanically tilt the bridge by means of a shock absorber and drive the trailer effortlessly over corrugated run-on rails.

  • Hydraulic tilting system
  • Tipping bridge can mechanically tipped over shock absorber
  • Perforated platform
  • Sliding winch bracket

Tandem-low loader

Model Gross weight(kg) Payload (kg) Overallsize(mm) Int.length(mm) brake tire axel
VG274020 2700 2070 5375x2050x630 4000×2000 yes 195/50R13C 2

Tandem-high loader

Model Grossweight(kg) Payload(kg) Overallsize(mm) Int.length(mm) brake tire axel
VGH304219 3000 2286 5907x2440x800 4150×1940 yes 195/55R10 2